Sunday, January 1, 2012

About my book

Toboggan is the fourth book in the nine-book Janitors Series. As in Dog Pound, the Janitors take a vacation, except for a cameo appearance, which is a continuation of the mission started in Dog Pound. There are some new characters in this book who either help the Janitors in later books, or become Janitors for one mission. In this book, a charter plane headed for Las Vegas crashes in the Rocky Mountains. In short order it is determined that the crash was no accident. While that investigation goes forward, a young man and young woman, who met on the plane, get separated from the rest of those aboard and, being well below the rest of the plane, decide to head down the mountain. As they do so, two escaped criminals head up the same mountain, trying to avoid re-capture. Please see excerpt and two short “Attaboys” below. • “Phyllis, let’s pack up our things and get out of here.” “Are you crazy? There’s four feet of snow out there. Here we’re warm; out there we’ll be trooping through all that snow and freezing our butts off—literally.” “Ah, yes, my dear. But I have a surprise for you. We shan’t plow through the snow. We shall float down the river in a majestic vessel.” “Have you been in the booze bag behind my back? What ‘majestic vessel?’ Are you hallucinating?” “No. In the horseshit palace lays a fine boat. With said fine boat, we can just float down the river until we reach a town, village, house with people…or even a road.” “What ‘horseshit palace?” Will you talk sensibly?” “The shed where I’ve been getting the hay and horseshit to use as fire starters. Trust me, as fine a body as you have, I’m not love-crazed. This is a way out for us.” By now, Nick’s excitement was starting to seep in. Phyllis put on his walking shoes over her sandals and headed out the door. He followed, caught her, took her hand, and led her to the shed. She looked at the boat and nearly laughed. “You call that thing a ‘fine vessel?’ I bet it doesn’t even float.” “One way to find out,” a totally undaunted Nick replied. As he wrestled with the boat, he said, “Lend a hand, please.” “Since you said ‘please’.” • “Keep the books coming…another good read.” Sgt. Jacob Warden, USMC • “Each book in the series is better than the last one. Bravo!” Gene Culver, USN 1952-1956